The top of the order page will display the Borrower Name, Email Address, and Phone Number. By clicking the Edit button, you can update these properties.

In the top-right corner, you'll find the link the borrower uses to log in to AccountChek and link their accounts. If the borrower loses their initial invitation email or ever needs to log back in and link additional information, you can copy the link by clicking Copy Link and send it to the borrower.

The Accounts section will display all accounts that have been shared by the borrower and provide some basic information, including the name of the Financial Institution (FI), Account #, Account Type, and the balance.

The Reports section will show all reports that have been generated for this order. Here, you can download an existing VOA or VOD, or you can get a refreshed report by clicking Generate Updated Reports

The Email Communications section will display all automated email communications sent by the AccountChek system, including the borrower's invitation emails, the courtesy email sent to you when the first report becomes available, and any requests for credential updates, if applicable.