Step One: Log in to the dashboard and locate the order page

Adding and removing of accounts can be performed by visiting our online dashboard. After logging in using your AccountChek credentials, navigate to the borrower's order page. You can use the search bar at the top-right of the dashboard to easily locate the order.

Step Two: Select Generate Updated Reports

Once you have clicked the borrower name and reached the order page, select Generate Updated Reports.

Step Three: Choose the parameters for the new report

In the New Report box, select the days of Account History requested, optionally provide Employer Name, and then individually check which accounts you would like include in the new report. Pressing the create button will generate a new report containing the accounts requested.

Step Four: Pull the new report into Encompass

There are two ways to pull the new report into Encompass. First, you can return to the Encompass interface, choose Refresh in the Available Actions column, and press Go. Once a new report is generated, download the report, and the parameters on the new report will reflect the changes made in the dashboard.

Alternatively, you can import the new report using the Reissue Key or Report ID displayed in the top right corner when viewing it. Click here to learn how to import an existing report.